• Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport : Take the Kuokung bus to Taipei Station,
                                                                     transfer by bus to the Chunghua North Rd.
                                                                     Station,then  walk to hotel about 3 minutes.

  • Highway Bus Passenger : Get off Taipei Transport Center and transfer by bus to
                                                 the Chunghua North Rd.Station, walk to hotel about
                                                 3 minutes,or may choose to ride the MRT –
                                                 (bannan Line) at Ximen Station Exit 6.then walk to
                                                 hotel about 10 minutes.

  • High-speed rail / Taiwan Railway : Get off Taipei Station, to select about a 5-minute
                                                               drive by taxi or ride the MRT – (Bannan line) at  
                                                               Ximen Station Exit 6.then walk to hotel about 10
                                                               minutes or transfer by bus to the Chunghua North
                                                               Rd. Station,walk to hotel about 3 minutes.

  • MRT : please take the [Bannan lines] to Ximen Station on the 6th Exit 10-minute walk.

  • Bus : [ Taipei Station (Zhongxiao)] →  [Chunghua North Rd. Station] : 265, 232, 260,
                   262, 310 (reached after one station)
             【Taipei Transport Center Chunghua North Rd. station]: 232, 260, 262,
                   265, 527 (reached after one station)
              [Shifu Transport Center (United Daily News)]
    [Chunghua North Rd.station] :
                   212, 232, 263, 270.

※    The nearest mass transport from the hotel : 

Bus stop : Chunghua North Rd.station, about 3 minutes walk. 

Taipei MRT : Bannan line to the Ximen Station (the 6th Exit), about 10 minutes walk.

The highway No.3 : At Central Henan Road exit, the next interchange to Taipei downtown
                                  and extension of Central Henan Road straight.

Avenue of the public: From Taipei Main Station - straight to Yanping North Road,
                                       turn left, arrive one section of Zhonghua Road - at Kaifeng Street
                                       turn right, Xining South Road turn left,then arrived.

The highway No.1 : Chongqing North Rd. Interchange - go straight to the public Avenue,
                                  and turn right to
 Zhonghua Road - at Kaifeng Street turn right,
                                              Xining South Rd.turn left,then arrived.

 ※ thoughtful reminder

  • All travelers to take public transport to get off at the Taipei Station, you can choose
    about five minutes by taxi drive (about NT $ 100 )
  • Ride the MRT -[ Bannan Line] to Ximen Station No. 6, exit and then walk to the hotel.
  • Travelers get off Zhonghua North Rd.Station just  walk from the Hankou Street 
    3-5 minutes,can reach the hotel


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